it isnt, responding to an editor, who misread Swords for words,not noticing the anagram,


it isnt wriitng which will fix this mad societ y  , it's writing which helped create it and which is detroying it and us all,

 writing is war,

 war   ,,,

soit must end,


but : you married someone ...

  but : you married someone ...    new  you married someone new  she was old
                                                                 not new at all not bitter as a bulldog snapping at your toes
                                                      a woman whose face puffed up (due to pride)
                                                               the thousand and one resentments of sin, and pride,
                                                                or her beauty, came back backward  haunting her,
                                                       her ass once beautiful becoming the ugliest part of her visage
                                                                 showing the retardation what was there all along,


An unkind verse in a time of  hate,


it's you. r ,

it's your love fixing  the acceptable breath, working down my domain name,
           making right and wrong steer their rugged pay,

       other matters knock,rap, creep at the door before wondering , scurrying over the word made hung,
                delaying this doll and ,