take a tune like, for instance,


 for example, Chain of Fools, one of the best R&B songs ever written and performed by

                 Arethra Franklin now you cant get much better than that,


  but it can be ruined by  , it can get ruined if you get someone who's voice hasn't been

 properly monitored and the bass guy and the percussion and the drummer and the guitar ,

  and the voice that's singing is harder than it ought to be and the musicians go off on their own

                         rave and its out of control and the singer nice as she might be,

                                so they said,
                                                           well she's lost and everyone's ears

                                                                     are busted an broken
                                                          O tinnitus! 

                                                                              and that beautiful

                                               love song of hurt betrayal and pain
                                                     that melody everyoneknows by heart in they bones

                                                it got lost an all hushed up
                                                           by the loud noise of that musick  almost becoming musak
               it was so loud and thoughtless really i mean it was selfish  music

                                 the guitar players all playing into each other and no reall soun

                                                       and Outside the almost full moon
                                                                                    of Saturday sitting on the fence
                                                off the fence
                                                                          on the horizon


  O do,

give me some country music please
or some Medieval things
                           or some acoustic blues
               or some chamber music
              and Some Mozart
                              let me fly ,