Today was Monday Lance Corporal ...... y...



Today was Monday drum rolled cartography 605 shine those buttons

straighten that beret Buster in this outfit or yr done
fried bacon and out on your ass

Walk the Sergeant Major's girlfriend home
its your job

dont matter if you get a hard on there's nothing you can do about

and her name is Sharon (Boyer street)  she has big boobs bigger than you can say
her mouth is wide and size 7
her boobs are really big and your mouth

and you go hungry walking this girl round the block what the hell you doing it for?
you have no money

Do you have cigarettes? you have no stomach

you're so hungry you have no stomach


that was Monday, they called it, Sergeant Major

have no idea whatever happened to him

and to Sharon with the big boobs, I don't remember and her smile,  hair
hanging over one eye, and her glasses, 

I  have no idea what happened to her  

I may have tried to find out later,

but am not sure, don't remember