that was


that is your day with a dollar and a woman you're in love and the train are
   the night hawk whirry the ring over the heeled ceiling is fraught with

the cello compares no raison d'etre in this particular patting down
the prison cells at night are not quiet and the gaoler stalks the hall

~ that's all dumb! Jill has the pleads and pad of proof it's writ large in her sun, we'll waste no time with that bull!

And her fair son and mine, a look alike in Ireland sandy mount bay and the rugged stallions
 (Mona's a believer with tickled pinks between she's geology 107 incorporated tilled the cracked landgrab)

the other peeler the perambulators and 'theory of spike tinder woood'
                                  Gretel in the wood as the fairer form won,