: re :as for hell_ heaven


Re: re :as for hell    
                           heaven would have been kissing your lips
                                           seeing your eyes
                                              close up a movie idol's smile a larger than life gaze looming at me
                                                out my bed room                               my room in the tiny sky
________________________ or your  hand s crossed around mine

_____________________   or our thighs
                                                                       or other cuts in this movie of you and me
                                                         but aren't movies dangerous?wish fantasies 10c a pop?

                                             Mr and Mrs Freud drop in for a visit a way of life is speaking love across the boarding oceans,   love in the flood,
                                                                           love in context love out of , love in and out of context,

                                                            love in             love-in,  a  love-in,

                                                                        hearts beating in breaking patterns
                            between nether lips of the sky
                                           which is beaming beaming forever beaming
                                                        and your body,