is the 'the marine (yes shes a marine!) 'Le pen' mightier than the Macron? hahah what a bunch of jerks they both are.. Pathetic arseholes, &meantime in merry olde terresa May dumbarse England they are droning on about some Duke at 95 'retiring from his duties' god our hearts are stuffed full of putty and love they say is forever, my border is your Order my lady O Duke my sir , can you please kiss my ass,? and the borders built by those who hold power kicking down as always their 'lessers' and the uglys squabble goes on a long history of taking from those who have more gifts more talent stealing from the poor the poor who you have with you always..


there will always been an england Hohohoohoo.
and the terrible term of a dumb empire and dumber commonwealth ending,