.. can laugh


 You see Mona reads this framed blither of the I person whinging and you gotta wonder she 

saying to herself swaying in the breeze any other I holding dandelions against their  

blossom 'break' and pause,

and are you, rarely have you seen any one hold this thing so  high as a candle aloft,

she's held her night held her night,

    blue dog, when the clanker wore the trainers,
                 and the traipsing heard the wind,

  you can laugh about perdition O you fakers and Quakers! You quantum bakers! the flames lick
    they like you most of all.



Jill and Mona don't believe any of this any of this what's there to believe in this mountebank whining and someone hasnt had enough sleep and the cumulus cloud gathered her hair.Franny moves aphorism south,

 takes speciman days North to the country of 'b'sire! sire, aye  you is it? Sir?

 Hammered to the medium a spook controlling the onboard voice and the receipts speak their name.

___________  every experiment in poetry is just that  work in wandering progress the feeling withing

   wording running these fictional characters __quantums really, mutant subjectivities  ... tanking... or is three dimensional rarities, actually resembling film characters? O you wonder    marking their place,

making face and face, you had a face to your preface handing over the shoulder of the sky,

   renewing  a word stood on its shoulder adopting  a feeling a glance a place
  adopting the real which is far, yet closer than my  own

                             intimate shadow,

shod by the dark ,
   shod by dark or heard by light in the pairing before dawn
                   prior to birth 


2 years


 Jill's wearing a dirndl! whirls around the ferris!


yes terday i was thinking it's two years since, May , since 2 years of May,

  yesterday, and today I'm thinking what?


the long torture of summer's begun '

__________ Does Franny have frills Jill  holy orders and gods? WEll Mona knows better hold my fictions forth.



t ell me


  tell me about your books,

     show me your  _________ and i will tell you more by and bye   ~ a buy for you and her an me~
a  bye-bye for two to keep three company

 greedy insuffereable oedipal pal who whoreships women yets afraid fotheir lips, bodies, minds, rays, crushes, trhroate sores, non beeings mistake,putty, thorn,

 Says it all and nor so    ~   .



that was


that is your day with a dollar and a woman you're in love and the train are
   the night hawk whirry the ring over the heeled ceiling is fraught with

the cello compares no raison d'etre in this particular patting down
the prison cells at night are not quiet and the gaoler stalks the hall

~ that's all dumb! Jill has the pleads and pad of proof it's writ large in her sun, we'll waste no time with that bull!

And her fair son and mine, a look alike in Ireland sandy mount bay and the rugged stallions
 (Mona's a believer with tickled pinks between she's geology 107 incorporated tilled the cracked landgrab)

the other peeler the perambulators and 'theory of spike tinder woood'
                                  Gretel in the wood as the fairer form won,



the traffic the trade routes ..


 the traffic  the trade routes in poetry never end , it's a marketing ploy what pulls eternity by the neck into the sea

railing against the night creating new mediums speaking 'speaking' to you from eternity,
 your breasts which i never kissed, these hearts of soul, gold, roaring, the birds sing, twitter, hold forth courts and cameras, ringing the bells in of a summer's eve,
  and the trade never ends,

 a track peeling off into a forest turning around a corner a new medium spooked by the remittances of old,

 but you must go on,

continue, forsook, forsooth,
         but not worried by this tempera of the old designs, the old guard,
 and its a ringside seat
       for the replete the defeat the incomplete works of your collected Unconscious Printed or Otherwise Known as your love,

hemming in out ward, the long hallward rain,

                 not the flood, either yet  another apparent rainbow rugging the closest forest of enigma drills and not forestry by any other name

and your body, which i missed,

 this narrative aloof and gulp,

 is that word ? Canadian a passive gender to rope all the country palisades,

----------------         (to be recontinued as always )  _______________



: re :as for hell_ heaven


Re: re :as for hell    
                           heaven would have been kissing your lips
                                           seeing your eyes
                                              close up a movie idol's smile a larger than life gaze looming at me
                                                out my bed room                               my room in the tiny sky
________________________ or your  hand s crossed around mine

_____________________   or our thighs
                                                                       or other cuts in this movie of you and me
                                                         but aren't movies dangerous?wish fantasies 10c a pop?

                                             Mr and Mrs Freud drop in for a visit a way of life is speaking love across the boarding oceans,   love in the flood,
                                                                           love in context love out of , love in and out of context,

                                                            love in             love-in,  a  love-in,

                                                                        hearts beating in breaking patterns
                            between nether lips of the sky
                                           which is beaming beaming forever beaming
                                                        and your body,


re :as for hell


Re         'and the only hello's going to end is when
  universal socialism comes to dominate all of human affairs,'

what does that mean universal socialism comes to dominate all of human affairs?  is that a fantasy, a vision of human peace flowing
               from bridge to bridge bird cage to bird cage? an end to universal prostitution and the beginning of universal innocence?

Yes yes yes that's it' tht's exactly what it means  .  it means freedom to     move and breath
                      having more than one address and
                 no more queens or dukes no presidents

                                     neither vice president nor vice
         nor classes
                     no wealthy nor wealthy versus you in your small apartment
                   and your broken teeth
                                       and your lonesome broken heart
                      isolated by the deliberate social forces

          which cut you off ,
                                    leaving your hanging


                                                                     and more of course so much more  ....                                                              .



because poetry..

oetry is  a way of life,

 because  poetry is  a way of life, 

 because  poetry is  a way of life, 

 and there was found language on their tongues of fire

on the floundering void,

                notes were taken boats were shipped, hearts boarded, waystations named,

                   and the smouldering fires lit,


as for hell


as for hell you ask well, only those who want to go there  go ,

  hell is not other people hell is not other people,
            hell is the infinite all by yourself

                         with others, like Hr, (stuck in that company forever)

                           and 'individuals' of that kind

condemned from all eternity to hatred of life and self,
                    that is hell,   and it's real, ask Rimbaud,

           not other people nor the enemies of the state
       but the state of being wrought by the haters of life whatever form they be,
   and it's not

                                                                                and the only hello's going to end is when
  universal socialism comes to dominate all of human affairs,


is the 'the marine (yes shes a marine!) 'Le pen' mightier than the Macron? hahah what a bunch of jerks they both are.. Pathetic arseholes, &meantime in merry olde terresa May dumbarse England they are droning on about some Duke at 95 'retiring from his duties' god our hearts are stuffed full of putty and love they say is forever, my border is your Order my lady O Duke my sir , can you please kiss my ass,? and the borders built by those who hold power kicking down as always their 'lessers' and the uglys squabble goes on a long history of taking from those who have more gifts more talent stealing from the poor the poor who you have with you always..


there will always been an england Hohohoohoo.
and the terrible term of a dumb empire and dumber commonwealth ending,



More on the Macron .. and his phony bullshit


This is all total bullshit — he is a former investment banker and the absolute embodiment of neoliberal politics. I cannot think of anyone more vacuous and technocratic.

He is the smirking face of austerity, privatization,

poverty…He is despicable. But because Fillon’s campaign was floundering and the SP was in shambles, a lot of people coalesced around Macron. The representatives of the extreme center, but also people who felt alienated by the current state of French politics.