what dreams of eternity


 what dreams of eternity where the broken body repaired restored your teeth perfect
  your hair shining your arms pain free
            no more arthritis no more pain lifting weighing no more pain crying
       but heartening air free floating the sun  the sea

            loving the ones you love freely not hampered by borders and wards
               or bureaucrats and passport control

        not frauded by war and the men of war the evil doctor who from the start of time
his nasty plot, the tool death,
the gangster

killing everything loving and good,

             better to be dead in the other world, than this flat
                            landscape where so many die daily,

 you won't accept and I wont,
           accept that death           in life, which nihilists support,

                       the ship moving on remitting,
                  the air calling ,
                              the welcome greeting of a novel world wrestling around us
             showing us the way,
                                          the boat's breasting the water heaving out its sighs of love
  as when   a dock 
                    and a lock
                                             I fear no death that is the first death,
                                       roar of the old world the old whore hanging on by its teeth to the nothing
                                                                                                       that ever was

                               I'll bring my peace to the new world where you  are
                                             waving, watching , learning about the new body
                                                                                                     and the welcome day of 
                                 ever earth loving,
                                                            the bright shine of the new sky
                           never heard never seen  
                                                                     by eyes like these with a mortal song,