the future


  the future is multiple or will not be ,
        at  all

              t he  resurrection, all over the cosmos,
                breaking through the molecules,

  (no it was,  'crashing' through the molecules,  '  got the whole thing somewhere,
                            written by hand first, then typed, typed typed, typewriter,

          that last line, i wrote at 23ish ,  Mister C, recently, in a conversation , round about 2 years ago reminded me of that,

it slipped mymind, i don't remember writing those words until he quoted them back to me in a phone conversation,

 and the rest ,
   it,s somewhere,

        invisible ink,

of christ breaking through  the firmament,
                and the rivers,

 & what's his name's idea,   (my bks are so and so 's place somewhere in Ontario if he's still alive),

                     of the new being (becomings-many_ on other planets arriving, other new beings,

                 other resurrected One(s) so if One is One is it it many simultaneous occurring in the future?


     to end sentence,  how to end writing sentences,
                          with period,s, and clause, cause,
clause, and 'sub -ordinate  ' clauses, loggings,
going round,

, find your molecules crashin through,

                      why excuses,
                                    not  the  body,