Re: quanta / wave/ quality

re: quanta / wave/ quality   

   a few notes tossed off a ,
                while i was falling out the plane,
   (that no one understands, least of all , _____, )
                                 where the wind tore,
                                               and the bank rang,
                                       she came to winging out of the sheets of dollars,
and the remembering of thought,  with the whirligig of my harmonica,
                 as you rattled in the wing, hanging on a booth,
                             with a merry go round, and the cyprus trees, burning were they?
                  no gazing and glowing  in the park down to the sea,
                              the stelae

                 and the quantum ever increasing,

Dominus vobiscum, Et cum spiritu tuo.

dominus vobiscum et tu spiritu tuo  ring ring ring,

                   &   some
                                   Irish Galic's spoken in your sleep

                                       unconscious native dna in the blood , the blood stream
                                               singing the language, and you were wearing the weather red
                                       white and the speckles, the branded flower of a sorted garden
                                               murmuring each word,

                                      no more sentences'il vous plait,