quanta / wave/ quality


 pushing the quanta of poetry word in the magic number of a word

           __________where and how does it begin?

 the quanta of poetry being produced nowadays is more than fantastic it's rich varied and virtually beyond the

  reach of small, medium and 'large time' publihsers, thus the blogs,

the massive numbers of them,

                     there's also the spoken word movement,

  because publihsed in print outside of the usual literay cirtcles and machienry the machines of  the middle class reception  is Masssive

                      those controllling the poetry being heard read and seen is small

realtie to what's being produced

Poetry month is a cute misnomer

 for 'April is the cruelest month
                  and no other way April showers bring May flowers


s like opinion in sports

it's infinite and varied, and informed and Uninformed depending on the who what where and when,

 ____________________twitter has let some Opinion show and become Publick------------|||||||||||||||outside of the uusal Am and stupid Big Sports Prime time shows on television etc.

     but the real Opinion is that up  20,000 people at least attend a game and at outrageous prices,


and its the same thing with poetry


             the real opinion of poetr y works, the opposite way,

                                the real Opinion of poetry is not attendance,

say at any given event)

             but the What is happening outside of the Big Machines

                in the mouth of an old woman speaking a language she hardly understands

at  agiven moemtn
                creating poetry,

or the sppedy dialect of  a cashier rattling off joual high speed chase cat ch up with your thoughts lanngugage

                              the re(a)el attendance of poetry
                is outside

but what's real then?

does that mean that shakesperea is unreal
        or the writing of the anarchist Burgess unreal?

No on the contrary their work is Real

  even when appearing on the Inside
            its' Inside is in fact Outside

 their Inside is Outside in


the quanta of poetry always escapes even its so name best practitioners.