"it would not have worked...'


   Just like you and me, eh~ It wouldn't have worked  ~   elections, erections, lover fair andunfair,
                    __________________ worked? would it have worked? eh, shrugs shoulder
                                Mister and Mrs. Love had no idea to see what was coming around the bend,
                                                                                               he the Middle the Middle!
                                                      we ought to say in the middle
                                              she's breaking the phone in her hand, squeezing it so hard,
                                                                ------------------ worked not worked,a  working class district,
                                                                   a workiing class  work, a real work, not a fiction,
                                                 eh, tout monde était prix a la gorge,
                                                       ah, l'amour, l'amour sans avions, sans passport,
                           sans levres, sans this sans that, eh,
                                                                       it would not have worked,  what's work
                                                 for a working class man and woman,
                              what's work in  the bedlam world, eh?

                                                                                              ça marche?
                                                                             ça marche pas?
                                                                       elle m'aime elle m'aime pas,
                                                                      ça marche?

                                                                                c’est le marche des avions et des amants,

                                                         C 'est quoi? - l’éternité. C'est la mer allée  avec le soleil.