'in the interim ...


   ' in the interim pray for peace for that maniac might start www3 with North Korea and blame
          it all on them
                                and bringing untold suffering to the people of the Far East which is
                                        only far East to our far West insanity,

 & how quickly and easily those millions will become the world's millions
                   and the West's millions,

                              and all of us millions, d ead ,

                                                          but not eternity,
                         eternity won't be dead
                                                    Mister Dumptruck tyrant,
                                                    eternity wont be dead you jackasses
                                                    &yr cruise missiles and mad violent toys
                                                          threatening the whole world,

                                                           eternity won'tbe dead but you will be,
                                                  Mistery Tyrant with your wars and galores,