re types of eternity, and infinity, and notes,

Re: types of eternity and infinity, notes to ,

  Atheists and   others won't be accept by eternity!
         it's  they who  rejected it!
                                                    rejected her


  Eternity took her hand  held
            opening the door to infinite sky


only cowards don't believe life continues
        after breathing halts
     punching life down to its smallest cause
              reductive death
               that's cowardice, nihilism, another ism,

               bravery's believing in the great

  god held the long sky
                  where her soul ran to sing
                            her holy breath

courage requires life in the face of universal infamy and death


_____________________ Do you think you're too hard on atheists?
                                               No  not at all it's they who are too harsh on life
                                                          it's they who made their own grave
                                                                       sinking in the tomb

                                                                    death's  a little sham
                                                                                not something you and I believe  nor accept
                                                                     your molecules and hers theirs won't shatter
                                                                     nor will her soul's memories die away
                                                       but in eternity's grace will rebuild
                                                                   and the soul waiting but not waiting in eternity's
                                                                                         ever breathing open skies
                                                                                              As if someone I loved could die to this stupid world
                                             stupid world of injustice
                                   ugly cruel world of no sense nor the the bombed ones nor the ill ones
                      from the moment of breathing
                                       nor the long shadow of war and the ugliness of tyrant and greed
                       wealth the dirty tawdry game of  and the comparision
                                    the false she's escaped this
                                                moved on to something higher better greater
                                            where no suffering is
                         t he sun heals forever never burns
                                  nor cries of fog and danger

                                                       she is that light angel footstep to the sky