do nt be proud miss dumb donne' ... be not proud ...' don(ne) is a good place


 Re: ' ... be not proud ...'  Don(ne) is  a good place to 

          start but not stop nor stay  geographies, rooms, interior paramours, rich, and mourir,
               the court the  ruff  roaring would be man of  late
                     latter era of the Shakespeherian rough bear swilling bear baiting decade
                         nor the Spanish traveler the unfortunate Italian
                           and any poet worth his salt silt on the edge of map king size consigning

Mona has know time for these boot edges bastards of past time their rumbling nostalgia of empire now dragged out councils and cheap holidays in other people's misery nor do it end with the bend

and Brexit box of empire ending ending ever bending knew under the lash of Ism Ca ca pee pee ta Lism ism ism ism  
  ism  the monster fracture that you believe so many believe believe it will save you
    will save you
           your miles your homes your smiles your burials your bundles your laptops
                 your fantasy of culture ,
                          none but washed and rewashd under the torrent of filth like the spoken
                                        word nostalgia and  the written word malaise of the self
reflecting boobies
              that you stand and represent a failing death culture

                      stuck on its own nose navel

                                        O so O sir  we've no time for the dumbbell your sermons
                                     nor for the fantasies of the  dominant ideas of the day
                                             which are always those of the ruling class

 Jill won't join the weather jointers and their apocalypse of mania of paranoia of eclipsing planets
                  nor the whirligig of the dead

                              nor the athesists naysayers and the     'natural cause'