types of eternity and infinity, notes to ,


   literature is a type of eternity, as it's becoming virtual in it's distinction across the speeding universe
of death catching up with itself,

surpassing the death it's been given by the breath of life,
  passes from body to body until the 'last recorded ' syllable of eternity, was that the night knocking on

          the knees of the play,

                                   and the determination of the page, set by the 'stage' of the book eye's
                                                         'frame' of reference  always  a set of eyes

                   but the breath bound by  nothing a comma rotating in space a woman's smile
                   her kiss travels  the distance of death,
                             and eternity's long buckle  ,

                                whatever that means,

               and what is the page of print compared to the air,

                        the evacuation continued  a mighty force thousands
                                                  removed from harm's way as the big dam

                                          appeared to be in danger of  cracking, flooding,

                                   the world flood, Enkidu Gilgamesh,

                       the big wigs and big shots can build war machinery, but not bridges and dams

                        lasting eternity                  long a s a  a  sonnet, or a brazen plaque of word
                                                      the word hurts fallen form the heart mouth,

                                              and solitude and loneliness are long , waste
                                              is worse the ,

                                      yet we don't end on this note of paltry self regret, nor self pity
              because creation's always happening

                              whether you know it or not

            fruit's being born
                                 harvest coming in
                         gathering of grapes and horns,