love's like

love like this / a punishment/ exile/ kicked out down those stairs
                                                      run that machine
    squawk box
lover loser
                                                       you still want it ? send by anon anon an anon a door backward taken
                                                            can i blame her?

                                                 but everything'sfiction including t he question mark crossed virtual sky
                                                                     victual victim of love's crucifix

 retake  take again ache  of t he offwall a crib from the wake and the again nothing of a life choosing words pulled from the air winding the right left wing of the halting diction of this searching self wondering at the Pom bakery  truck where you 'crashed' out 1 night hitchhiking back from Sussex New Brunswick   and hungry on the road not knowing not knowing what was down the road the trains were inexpensive it was fun going down the road that summer spring fall and discovering that great writer and happiness was a  something on  a w wing a hat in your head or something shadowing you something good and the world was coming with its hopeful

No more period

no more commas,

this piece of material cloth collage

a  fair of body

 a  warn of skill

love's horn

 your body wrapped around hers in the sun clothing of love's gift


and you add a comma
                                                                            ,                    and push the limit                       (s  ),