.. by coincidence



by coincidene i too was reading the stocky Stoics reviewing ancient Greek philosophers!

  how they muttered when speaking  gaping out of caves

                      in the dark                      in t he park with two lovers side to side

                     like  you in  S     yes with two side by side

                but that was mere   romantic years dont count besides nothing ever came of it

                             nothing really happened except a dance across the floor kissing on
           then th' other
                                    then the dead years came

                            exile the downward spiral

                       but the Stoics were mostly rickety and   the body grows old and saw

  rifting round its continual gape as Jill t he ruby and Mona the diamond, or was it green emerald? azure amethyst?
                   O how I missed her

     or some machine as this infinite turning back of page and page and stroke after stroke
                                                                                                                 the swimmer

           nobody makes poetry no one

                       and solitude is infinite


Now Jill says tell me that sounding it's plunging past the feet of the matter the Mater Dolorosa, the Ugliosa holding her own in the messy kitchen where G lived with     ~

_    a  nervous narcotic insistence


  bks 've disappeared

          the illusion of holding one it's in yr head
                     mostly holding it in your head
                        the illusion

_____________________________Around the crockery dish__________________________