there are two



   there are two kinds of dogs then
                                           i prefer cats and

                                 that's that

             (quite possibly  ~)  on  a differnt dayOr nite

 roun the catatonic
                         not the doggywalk perambulate!
                                                                                                                                                                                  what's that?

( after the refermation the one which's coming forever already alriving)

    a hat for
a  cat that aint got no

   way to love

____in the dead cold

   of winter
   nor the hot heat of summer
                nor not the hot heart of Sumer
    love's  a rumor been before i got there

 what's this silly milly of a pen personage precocious to its notion of ocean brushes how cat retrieving god or disorientating Horus worries the sore winged capped goddess of woman's heart ever bending befrieding her men in quest of her Man and the soul looking high and wide over the sentence ridden Sama  and other thing which willy nilly parry the gotten ring of her lover's thigh she's heard your name heard your name   


 _____O Prodigal!________