Re re re 2016_17

: re re re 2016


  do ra me fa so la di so

                                                             re  is re  as in  prefix

                                     not suffix

 and a blog's not a book, but something,  better, perhaps something not understood, nor ever seen previously
  where words roll off the screen,

  remember you used to say the internet is not a visual medium?

                 well, take that example ample example medium and the

we'll  return later


          my life's often a sequence of it     interruptions
                                                                                    a person's got to eat from time to time
                                              piss, crap, go for  a walk,

i can t live in the blog  2 4 hrs a day a day is a year, a year's a book

                     what would the publisher say to this disorderd sense of  ,

                     things and wigs,