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bks are a thousand years behind the time,  the times,     a book is slow and fat
             i can hardly wait to see a book on my head where i can read it when i sleep

 the real body is the actual body is the virtual self of the quantitative leap
you can keep your real body stick up your ass it's made for capital and use
   exchange cutting across the wealth of the few
  money boggers

  a real book'd be one swimming across the sea
    real bks are a false fked out category
                 no one gives a damn about real books
   their day's done their dong's gone

           i'd prefer the supercilious books of the future long gone
                           the eyes seeing in the back of the head
                          ears hearing in the sensors of the sun
                                       not your sense of the dead printed page
                                    its so called smell & sense of touch
                                              a false bleeding orifice determining the range
                                                 of speech calling gandering gathering its long horn
                                                                 down to a dull piece of page

                                the  real can       kiss my ass

  kiss my disapearance

chary experiment
                                                    limtiing the head
and groin
to  a space
riven by gardneners and gravity

                                          give me a wireless head
   bk on the lam
                                 speech coming at the speed of mouth an speech

written speech

                                 writing as the air  on the air
                        radio book and head
   radio self and virtual self

we're tired of bodies
                                                                         the only thing what counts is flying