end of ,


end of january, 
                            two years,





  when they took your body  dust pond pintle pounded into dust elected representative of the gods earth



Rey: ______________end of jan .. y

Re______end of jan .. y

  that's the e-meaning of machines the poken word  tarried its fake black sun
                               come along my tarries! lay hold!
                           bks on harried horns and capes


 that's the meaning of machines moving making other productions produce and the spread out thing

 and the continuing continuum  not your shadow boring whine about your own autobiography that boring life of yours so led a ski slope poring lime on its wounds not the crepe soles of your feet  ill print a page
                                                                                                        of notepad making it a dark skin the error of love making in the morning imagining her love mouth crying my name my name a host on multiple sites

______________end of jan .. y







bks are a thousand years behind the time,  the times,     a book is slow and fat
             i can hardly wait to see a book on my head where i can read it when i sleep

 the real body is the actual body is the virtual self of the quantitative leap
you can keep your real body stick up your ass it's made for capital and use
   exchange cutting across the wealth of the few
  money boggers

  a real book'd be one swimming across the sea
    real bks are a false fked out category
                 no one gives a damn about real books
   their day's done their dong's gone

           i'd prefer the supercilious books of the future long gone
                           the eyes seeing in the back of the head
                          ears hearing in the sensors of the sun
                                       not your sense of the dead printed page
                                    its so called smell & sense of touch
                                              a false bleeding orifice determining the range
                                                 of speech calling gandering gathering its long horn
                                                                 down to a dull piece of page

                                the  real can       kiss my ass

  kiss my disapearance

chary experiment
                                                    limtiing the head
and groin
to  a space
riven by gardneners and gravity

                                          give me a wireless head
   bk on the lam
                                 speech coming at the speed of mouth an speech

written speech

                                 writing as the air  on the air
                        radio book and head
   radio self and virtual self

we're tired of bodies
                                                                         the only thing what counts is flying    



the real,

=========================================== __________________

  the real problem is all of those who wish you, wish one to say things in a non poetic language,
 to say all the things that are poetry in nonpoetry language and the two are not identical not remotely not all at all at not at all, nor are explanations due no desired nor wanted, so one writes things, fake to say  pretending or assuming masks, t he mask of this face and that, this book and another, or  a voice to poise saya false doctrince, a premise of what is and isn't the case, the bender in the wood, the ring in the tone, a hue in the fox, but there is not l

  no  L
          outside the poetic  long  ,

let you or them exexplain them, the pale forest owl, the rocking , creaking table of the chair,

              across the word spreading its horus, bull and it's spreading everrywhere, the
                                                            gathering feathers,
                                                                            not the explanations of the exploiters,
                      nor the would bes with the best of the best of

  shall, a wood, a  worr  see a song?

                              tell us no nothing as the wandering you took to the road,
                        at them day and night,

                       nor the worrying of all the beads, nor Benjamin's clock

                                     nor your darling's watch,


..long drag ..


   long drag of skin


     and midday break when


   i wake from the dream is
shaking me


                those lines came to me    the first from Blue Dog Plus

                                       different arrangments  lines for each performance

  Pat's voice in my head,  saying  those first words  / surpriising me  /but then not

   considering how strong they were how strongly she recited them what feeling
                                                                                                              and intensity


   and night is going by

(your fleeting ... lips,  ) 
                                                         other phrase other /poem



there are two



   there are two kinds of dogs then
    i prefer cats and

                                 that's that 

(quite possibly  ~)  on  a differnt dayOr nite

 roun the catatonic
  not the doggywalk perambulate!
what's that?

( after the refermation the one which's coming forever already alriving)

    a hat for
a  cat that aint got no

   way to love

____in the dead cold

   of winter
   nor the hot heat of summer
                nor not the hot heart of Sumer
    love's  a rumor been before i got there

 what's this silly milly of a pen personage precocious to its notion of ocean brushes how cat retrieving god or disorientating Horus worries the sore winged capped goddess of woman's heart ever bending befrieding her men in quest of her Man and the soul looking high and wide over the sentence ridden Sama  and other thing which willy nilly parry the gotten ring of her lover's thigh she's heard your name heard your name   




,--------------------- Reallly the idea is to create lines of Verse,, lines of becomings,,, of schio lines of flight ___ Time out oF Flight/Flight out of Time as In Hugo Ball's book tile

i posted this a few days back was unsure of it then, was suspicious of some of the lingo,
  now in hindsight,  am even more,

   what is all of this about minor?
                       Am I am minor poetry?

   of course it has a different sense in the it's been used in the discussion listed below

what's being called neurotic is really a suggestion the neurotic might lead to a schizio line of

                 flight becoming lines of poetry     verse , lines  of  poetry, becoming , others,

                           becoming freedoms,

                                                          becoming poetrys freedoms,

           not eh , the domination and tyrnanny of the signifier,
                  especially that horrible pedanctic (yes! pedantic!) one, known as the academic,

  really the caca demic,



A Workshop organized by Daniel Katz (Warwick) and Benjamin Noys
(Chichester) at CPCT.

 Saturday, 18 March 2017
10:45am - 6:30pm
DTH 109, Goldsmiths, University of London

The current theoretical scene has often swung between invocations of
affirmative joy and melancholic meditations.

This oscillation is figured
in the assumption of a joyous continuity between philosophy and
politics, or the melancholy and chastened consideration of their

sundering. Instead, this event focuses on neurosis as a missing term, a
form of 'blockage', of delay and prevarication, which could open-up the

tensions of the present moment.

In particular this also involves a
re-consideration of poetry as a site that has witnessed a resurgence in
political engagement and the thinking through of the damaged

subjectivities of contemporary capitalism.

Poetry, often dismissed under
the signs of neurosis or of lack of relevance or popularity, offers

another 'minor' site for interrogating the theoretical and political

moods and affects of the present moment. This unstable combination of

neurosis and poetry is a deliberately fragile construction that we hope

can allow the exploration of the fragilities of our subjectivities and


10:45-11:00 am - Introduction

11:00-12:00 pm - Professor Emma Mason (Warwick)

12:15-1:15 pm - Professor Daniel Katz (Warwick)

1:15-2:45 pm - Lunch

2:45-3:45 pm - Dr. Natalia Cecire (Sussex)

4:00-5:00 pm - Professor Benjamin Noys (Chichester)

5:15-6:15 pm - Roundtable


Berardi, Franco, The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance (Semiotext(e),

Noys, Benjamin, 'Long Live Neurosis!' (2016):
https://www.academia.edu/27780212/Long_Live_Neurosis_ [3]

Katz, Daniel, "'I did not walk here all the way from prose': Ben

Lerner's virtual poetics", Textual Practice online, 24 March 2016:

http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0950236X.2015.1119987 [4]

Lysack, Krista, 'The Productions of Time: Keble, Rossetti and Victorian
Devotional Reading', Victorian Studies, 55.3 (2013), 451-470.

Mason, Emma, 'Entanglement in fir: thinking matter in Peter Larkin's
"praying // firs \\ attenuate"', in Religions, special issue ed. by
Kevin Hart (forthcoming).

Seltzer, Mark, The Official World (Duke University Press, 2016).

 _Copyright © 2017 _CPCT, Goldsmiths, University of London

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Re re re 2016_17

: re re re 2016


  do ra me fa so la di so

                                                             re  is re  as in  prefix

                                     not suffix

 and a blog's not a book, but something,  better, perhaps something not understood, nor ever seen previously
  where words roll off the screen,

  remember you used to say the internet is not a visual medium?

                 well, take that example ample example medium and the

we'll  return later


          my life's often a sequence of it     interruptions
                                                                                    a person's got to eat from time to time
                                              piss, crap, go for  a walk,

i can t live in the blog  2 4 hrs a day a day is a year, a year's a book

                     what would the publisher say to this disorderd sense of  ,

                     things and wigs,




re re re 2016


    re re re 201 6

                                 became   2017

                                                              Wednesday became Sunday