revisit revisions


 you revisit visit and time winds unwinding a vision
revision's your second name a word come a wound
    from a fiacre a fair set of lies worrying the spent luck
           of other days

revise that head-dress recompose that hair undo that face that
  tear like smile which pulled awhile as she returned a 2nd
a third time round the rhyme of your come together my stand-
up bass pounds the floor
  her feet are pinned to place
          not time claiming she'd come this way
   knowing the venture wasn't likely to pay off
  fooling oneself there's a future from some crying bother
   minding the second hence the hour her body lank
             was pressed up against yours in this day mist
                               night and day day and afternoon


CP: however,

CD: hence

CP: thence

 CD:  there's touch ups, erasures,  violations of spontaneity,  returns, doctoring,

  CP:   she's reaching for the tape recorder   ..