Re: revisions

CP: i  got lost back there  a moment  wandered off a diagonal across the page the blog space camping 
                  elsewhere also it's hairline fracturing ...  So CD were you suggesting you do revise? cut, refine, undo and repair?

CD: ___________________  refine redo recompose cut up fold out and around mix and shake stand and recook repair and unrepair, research and palpitate, ____________________ but it's a live performance right? you see,

                     it's like when you take off your clothes, and i'm there watching you, seeing  seeing for the first and last time

                       and each time you're better ,

                                      you're more naked,  more loving,
                                                   even if i've never seen you,


Re revisit revisions

CP  O CD you're making me blush      ..  

                    she reaches over to the tape recorder turning it off, for the fifth time,