re _reading and


I've also been reading and re-reading Augustine's City of God  (his latin I can read unlike Virgil's __ 

strange bewitchment and enchantment of languages forgotten and recalled    at       )

, a very old copy that I own,and it's much better

 and simpler to read than Empire. which I did start over ten years ago, and to this day I can say it's badly written

 in the sense it's too convoluted and unnecessarily 'compliatecd ' in  misleading way. their god intents

are not excuse,

 Hardt and Negri are both teachers and academic who ought to write better  and if not they ought to have found

someone to make their rather simple ideas come across Simply.

There are moments in that book, as with Empire and Commonwealth when I feel i am reading the essays of students

 that never quite got it,

                     Now that's not something i care about here

                 but i do in books,

                                                   that pretend to care,

       which theirs does,

                      so it goes!

                                                     Kick that can!