wet trap
 vent stack,

wet vent

and you were writing  a verse
(it was a love poem or a list poem a poem saying or speaking )

or length last night in your going asleep bed
you were writing,

and Sussex came back 

  it came back with its poems and gleams 

                      shines and dream,

Sussex or some other poem

 guarded by the labor of,

word list peeling off the top of your head,

like a pope making unions of disparities

or like transcendnece returned its beauty never lost, never grasped

and it was time for toast

 an auspicious auger as   s                  a                          u            n        t    e r 

                                                              the   counties                          & island

                                    off                   the                     water               off a coast

                                                         of raggedy   waves caught chopping off this sea