__ you meant --


  re collected and selected  ..... you meant?

 C.D.  i meant the completely uncollected works! the selected
   repression and compression, the sunshine the walk a day,
  Homer's talk with me concerning the words he first wrote down

                   and/poor oldHomer blind, blind sas a bat,

   near Sparta, and yes, the old hills rang , with seeing gods
                                                    and swords


  how do you collect the uncollectable? the engines and maruaders want more

thinking they own with their piglets and sacks of gold, silver,
    the infinite electronic dust of credit, debit , interest
             the round of cash and crash, cache,

   and the period goes where the comma goes,

 your reel work's in     n            that fatonic heaven
                    where jurists and others of their ilk
  dont  get past the gate

                   when where the man treading ahead
                      in                       space 


    the dung dusters and dung dumpers came later
    as always ripping and sniping
       the great tide of vision
                      their fail safe buttons askew
     i have nothng to tell them,


              the middle was where things happen

          not the side   
                   in the middle of things 

losing caution two fell off the middle 
          then none grew

    two fell out of the meadow
           then dung grew


my new book  is is very  long