__________________________ 'love'


     two bodies at a distance crashing into one another too quickly losing sight of the pace ,
  a necessary timing gone out of the window,   caution thrown to the wind,
  acrack in the egg,

                         the body without organs spilled                     all over the place,

a d eterritorialized soup                    splatters the recipients    causing shock,
      caused shock, never never nerves  blasted,

                             no caution,  too fast,,,                        too soon,  the shouted down  phone,

 the busted fantasm,  the imagined wife,                           the lover of old

                                  the body  broke  n,             if not   woken,

   hope? for what discourse,             what conversation fade d over the too much too soon,



  you get cookies in your puter an browser
                                  an           love cookies

                                                       love biscuits,                bite too bite one an two,

               but you too,
                                       but you too,
                              bit you too,

                                  bit me ,
                             bit bit,