ImMargin .... |


      Immargin! tryin to read a blog like a book hen a book dont exist anylonger as a book is a  body long gone from her truth path my lover a book was annoyed in her face over a plane long left

    immargin ! to read a page of this size as a book of print, old stinnky love pages!


                                                                      its a perpetual work as a  lock of hair,      from  over the sea to                                                                         to shining sea                                                                                                                  and love's bid is                                                                                                                                                                                    adieu adieu,


the work's an ongoing thing,

,  love on the strata,

        and love on the flow,

  not the same, not quite, not the similar,

  not  a flow of molecules

'the arms of molecules write the page of your health  '

  there said see 

    in Blue Dog Plus, page  1

  for anyone who cared to read, said it all