snail a wa y ,away


 i wonder if poetry readings are as dead beat as they ever were a cathexis  of occupied boredom with sprawling bodies cropping the room of its patent breath a bordeom of deference and dukedom e and nervous neurosis i 

                        Jill has the hairy                    berry it's the it of the i and you and  er


    the actual work is not here nor there  but between all its pagesss the written spoken          

word travelling across the spaced out page   the broken computer window or its right 


hand window never moving nor spacing off as when a

                                                                                                                                          typewriter            bangs back                                                                            


how do you make the page go off forever  and


as for femmes a boobs and his complaint what can i say he's a river of doubt (whom i love dearly whose work is unstinting ) 

                                                          was  a redoubt move on move on                                               

  brother move                                                              

move on                                                                                                                      

kale  away                                                                              

  kale a                                                     way

k                                                                                                                           ale  


my lovelies

                                         sail     away my lovelies                                                                                                          

you're dear expensive

              you're dear pen                                                                                                      


kale away my femmes  

how to make a page infinite

its in its                                         

not the institution cloakin and grabbing

                          not the instituion


it's not easy working from a  distance  a                                             


a  distance of lovelies