3 deaths in one year  is enough to kill anyone
  i don't even know how to speak to it,



Re: hypertext... connotation.. denotation..

Re: hypertext... connotation.. denotation..    

  re book versus digital reading/ and or writing i think we're moving gradually toward a format that'll be  somewhere between the two

 as it's clear the printed page and book has become too heavy,

   too weighty!

      it's ironic but you can read more online __and at the same time,
     (ie tabs etc.) than with a  book in hand,

   on the other hand,


    there's that question of 'depth'

 thus the idea of the inbetween invention to come,

which is already being worked on an d  worked out,

   poetry can't just be limited to a  book,

   written and printed,

------------------------------ perhaps the infinite connotations and denotations of that consists of finnegans wake and the other endless profileration of twentieth century texts,

    was the start of ending this  book notion,

 and then there was theory,


   a book is nice,

              on the other hand,

 who has  a book
and for how long?



more to come,

more to go,

  long sentences  in the snow,