'leg... '


   Obama's legacy

                                Donald      Trump ___________ and  Hilary  Clinton

(oh i forgot to mention that snapping server dog Bungy dog Sanders who's of course shown his true colors  inthe last week or so)

O america!

    what makes you so crazy?
O canada !


 it was a  year ago in an interview with 'Bill' C. and George W B the second that  George W said
  words to this effect

                           '  I dont  mind a Bush Clinton Obama Clinton Bush thing'

     ___________American cynicism knows no limits

                    Nor does it know any boundaries to its rationalizers which is why its 'prophets' i.e. Chomsky and others who liberals of any and all stripe won't read , acknowledge ,  listen or study,

                    (not that he's right about everything or even wants to be, i mean his books strike a pose
of being right as the outsider ,

                  and he believes that and of course he can't be otherwise, or he'd be a fake

                                           Can a legacy be a woman's bare leg  resting there as she sits
                                                 on her motorcylce in East Vancouver on Sunday morning
                                                         and I am having babies with her
                                                                    & my lower case i
                                                                           an way up not in Cabot trail
                                                                                       but in the interior of B.C.

                                                                    where i was born
                                                                           a wild night of grim hope
                                                                 moon-mad with the dog-sun