Re: verse(u)s


________there's another sample /not sampled /but  _s ample_____________
  another example of bad writing,

     how come it's bad C?
 C.P. i telling you         it's bad because it doesn't do anything it doesn't take off and doesnt sit still

Re__________________________> verse(u)s

so you make a fantasy of it ,    create it as 'bad' writing,
  it becomes something in quotation marks to cite and examine
  as parts that don't work,

a  chair that failed to stand,

 not a three legged geese, (the schizoid house)

not a portentous weight from the future with the glorious something something

  ___________AS something  Jill wants to kick down stairs and kicking down those notorious stairs landers crawling up between them,

  becomes Mona chewing the cud over a thing she might be able to make use of,
now mind your step!

 mind your pissing self,

peeved as any rasor, so Mona's gilt fringed skirt waves her ass at me,

her sweet ass ,
singer than any swinger

-----------------  as the day rolling by adds its nines and tens,

_________________ connect that to discourse above/below posting __
 it's live performance  of writing /speaking

 so it either works at a given night                                  and

        flies  feels matches pennants  pounds  or it doesn't don't flops flailing    a fish back into the water