____ bks of poems...thoughts on a windy night of surfaces and and submarines,, the gestner, machine,,


   mos t ofthos e books look too clean cut. blogs also looking to polished

  clean surface, no ragged edges,   (this pertains to the content too)

                       (has to do with the recycled paper to a good extent ) but no boldness  

                                                trying to appear like fancy  books,

                         12 years of blogging and this is happening?
    where did the  wild go?

        the ragged edge?


                             i saw this  Altered description for  'submissions ' as they're title on a blog which i forgot that i 'follow'

'We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue, to

 We accept experimental poetries and prose


    and  the first I ask is what on earth does that mean experimental poetry and prose? what does it signify?




, as well as criticism, philosophy, theory and reviews. 


to their email address. We also particularly encourage long poems, serial poems and mixed genre works." 


 'long poems sort of makes sense, but serial and mixed



         what it usually means is nothing at all

                except to say they mean

                 something  different

                   in general


                  which specifically

                     stands for nothing at a ll  ,


              so what's wanted is   nothing at all,





in other words the majority of so called webmagazines

                       and/or journals which print

               are actually asking their readers

                        and /or writers

                    for nothing 

                  at all,



!!!! strange to say the least,


  because really what does the word experiment mean 

                   at this date  ?