You pierre felix

You, Pierre Felix obtuse charming Saint Idiot Spinoza becomings am the true (and tried) author of these blogs ______ also known as schizo your heart's friend. I, fictive sullen charming worn to the soles of love and its packaging. Hard pressed by time and ovaries, I am the samba to the damba ~

----------------------- there's' some false text below which brings us back to the question of the false pretender.

all true sailors have their degrees and Mister CD or Clifford Duffy or whatever bloggist pseudonyn he writeth under laden with falsity and perjury is no one but the voice of these halls as they spake English ligature.You think you are I . When I is who who is I who who's whose who is whos as whoose to hoosier plenitude is a bucket with many seats i n its behind derrière posterior


_____ Charming repose of exterior models and toys which animate
               idle hours you might
                                       Jill seizes up her horse shaw woof! gallop gallop Adam!
                              a climate in the dust answers no question a ringing in the right ear

_____________________ what you do make of that?