near end of may ... Maya? end of illusion.. poetry's a way of looking at things... am i looking at things? or.. dreaming of them...

 between the breath of book and being  .. the long poem hidden  ... tucked off in the fabric of the leaves....

   and a conversation with a woman ...

                           endured for months  ... was that poetry? what's poetry if it's not glove! Glove! Are you being stupendous?

A glove fair
   a n               air            love

                                 each tick of a word has to be a  play of posSibles and not the super-ego of poetry and self criticism

          lauded in the protectionism of the   ego  the go's self  the

----------- do you print y ' our    blogs your printed imagined book?

sum reader want  books  buh whah is a   Book?
a book's something you carry in the bus
  not hand sanitizer

        there are people who wants  busses with that on them! assholes!

paranoid jackasss ... next thing you know the shit's stuck to the ass of the un i verse  

  i printed my mouth       test test test    o testicles o testament

______________the blog continues to the other s