..bees... butterflies..


  there are none  ..  neither seen nor heard ... you can walk for miles along the lachine canal or what was once the boardwalk and not come across one... plenty of cyclists though oh yeah
                         you got your st. Lawrence river flowing past rapid or slow

                                     but the wind's not gone

   ... but where once there were 25.000 types of butterflies and who knows how many times
  of bees, honeybees and bumble bees now a sighting is rare  , incomprehensible,
   there are    few and far between

    bees are has bee(n)s
                     are long cries

     ~ if there are no butterflies what's become then of caterpillars?

o  there's bees  but not to be seen humming  in the air from flower to flower
        honeysuckle  nature's     beings...

   there in peoples' yards 

   which is nice
   ,  (  (it's a good start   )

            but maybe      not nice enough to save a  dying and extinct species
      like bees, honeybees , bumble bees,  butterflies

                                               to say nothing of human beings,

                                 but the wind's not gone
                                        the wind's not extinct,

                                      nor's the water,

                                                                          how long