41__ plunges into 42


     41' s  pretty done  (not pretty vacant) as plunging into 42's interlunar pace as it rolls over the latin surface

   its patois 

                              my work  my work                        my work          my love!

and with the dada right wing or hand and the left dada hand works on long prose poem

does a  bird man have a hand Mercy Mercury god of crooks writers crooked as the leaf in the sand
                   the singular in the many   ...
   what non writers fail to grasp
   let me say it another way   it's when writing that things get said  not when speaking,

     speaking's just an outside? a  discourse, another discourse,
between the fans beside the roof of the world, and the buddha's straight  finger

  O the buddh   hahahaha Mister St. D we knew about that didnt we and marvelled in our youth,

  the truth of the booth

and the bodhitsattva

-------------- ok  -------------------mister anticapialist lets go to a ball game