.. the


  I'm only interested in the schiz...     how does it work where when what lingo is it Polish? Polish , not russian , is the strangest language in the world.

 and the fa ct i speak  (albeit literally on unconsciously is debateable) [a perfect typo that was my schiozioid CD]it in my waking hours as much in my sleep

   parallel to the gibber? the gregariousness loquacity  of  ' Irish ' but even that's phony to the extent it's not schizo

--- they the rulers of language an the commanders of cities order words around like  cattle tellinng you not me how to speal
love becomes a definition of grammatical hypoccry

its certainly not a dog walking in the night

nor a dog walker not
ven the best a beuatiful irish setter or other some beautiful expensive beast

its all horrible captivitiy and fixity monstrosity to own a dog

a hell



                             but yes its something
to be seeing a movement go stultify because
of too many unable to let go of their personalitiesw
wrrcking a 12 step anonymous
its happeningas they said it would


but what  has that got to do with you and  me  my   love
where i go,
it's a contineual search
   they go with the movement  not the stult


if my eyes go blind

 ill dicaate it wont be so easy with the spaces
i  ll find helpers  angels agents of immanece and the lower powers

of the plane of concepts and characters of the bricks and book of what i read and love
before his eyes go blank
how will he see
your face love?

with his fingers tapering your nose

and the rest of you

dadada dallying like a song