8084 Dallas 1989 CL1 February 6, 1989 Ayashi Station M. Koishikawa

Asteroid 8084 Dallas Closest Approach To Earth (1.418 AU)



-- holds _ holds up


 and holds up holds the world up it holds the world in place

  does it?  does sit? sit it does in sitting row after row and  the like wherewithal

  no one's confusing reality with politics no the dear destruction of things

                with creation


  and the books and poems and bodies you're bodies holding

  yes holding hers

  her body rounder than a fair
glimpse into reality

  ah that ! ah that move, that kiss
  it had a lifting vein

   tres      ~


be tween each ireland the place you lived  /the lies of ficiton and fiction of lies,

  but because it was fiction doesn't mean it wasn't true does it now,

     ah ,


     in breath





   section 41 begun

    feathers and wind? winding tide and roll-up? 



re 40th


Section /or part 40 of the poem's done now heading  off to get to 50 by end of May if not before... 50 is a big fat round number,

  like the founded rounded ass of a woman
   whose buttocks stick out on the world like a meal ticket,

 those big spheres holding up the world
     like Atlas' shoulders but from below!
   what more lovely! more heart warming!  in life

  than to know it's  a woman's great ass spheres  holding it all up!!

   Goddess you were good when creating this

  the old Hindus thought it was the divine elephant propping up t he cosmos

           but we know better it's a woman's great  cheeks holding it all up and together



40th section


   40 part of the book started ... ought to be a day or two then/done

    as it's 

 not overdone as the  rounding earth 



b and f .... out


   b    and bf out in droves

    it's these ones heifers of the golden cow,

    the stinky poos the hedonists of poopooperism the cacacacaaca of shitism
              the spandex an velcro s ays  it all

  the Vel Crow

                the death toe





 t'was my uncle uncole mon oncle ecole what studied with Deleuze attending the lectures at Vincennes
            not i  not i                                       no   t                I   ,   but ever' thing is fiction      ~ 



~ 39


   39's taking log jam  /longer than i thought ?
  no well, it's been a bit of t ime since careening the flow


seven months


  seven months

                    six became seven       ~

 it's amazing how the body    can still hurt

            what is the body then  ,

                       this wandering   soul as i said once   without it's other ?

i can't write about it here    ~


nearing 40

   section 38's done
        will  write    39                      an  d             40  by     Sunday


                     the book, it                  writes itself  , r eally

      i  do the work
                                                 it           writes      itself             ~

                  i don' tknow how it is for others which write  but for  'moi'  for me

 it's like that    it's become    so ,



..it's interesting..


  it's interesting about blogs, about mine anyhow, as i comb through them from time to time, checking up on things that i come over broken links and texts that look gawky or stupid, or dull, or needing repair, and that' swhat i like about blogs they'r ea book machine always on the move,
   abook machine,
  an angle agency for change,

 it's ho w i see a book,

a  metamorphoses of bodies animated changing shape and desire
  the body mutating from one form to yet another lesser known and magically love, d,

   and shifting an  shunting the grammar,


 the two books proper i'm working on   are , i see them really as bridges to the blogs.



end 'a book'


a character in a book ends  a book sends a book a  kaboom! unlatching a door into fate opens destiny's dour face?

a  mug for any

A mug think of it,
 a character,

a dying day an ending page


  what is a spoken written text on the air but the ringing truth of Homer's ?

A  volume of airs down the

 gauge of time

  a trip



Re: ah read ahead


Are you suggesting? what precisely Monsieur D? in that as always rather indirect content  ...

Re: ah read ahead

     there's no death   
                but i'll explain later 

in a book   or,  






.. the


  I'm only interested in the schiz...     how does it work where when what lingo is it Polish? Polish , not russian , is the strangest language in the world.

 and the fa ct i speak  (albeit literally on unconsciously is debateable) [a perfect typo that was my schiozioid CD]it in my waking hours as much in my sleep

   parallel to the gibber? the gregariousness loquacity  of  ' Irish ' but even that's phony to the extent it's not schizo

--- they the rulers of language an the commanders of cities order words around like  cattle tellinng you not me how to speal
love becomes a definition of grammatical hypoccry

its certainly not a dog walking in the night

nor a dog walker not
ven the best a beuatiful irish setter or other some beautiful expensive beast

its all horrible captivitiy and fixity monstrosity to own a dog

a hell



                             but yes its something
to be seeing a movement go stultify because
of too many unable to let go of their personalitiesw
wrrcking a 12 step anonymous
its happeningas they said it would


but what  has that got to do with you and  me  my   love
where i go,
it's a contineual search
   they go with the movement  not the stult


if my eyes go blind

 ill dicaate it wont be so easy with the spaces
i  ll find helpers  angels agents of immanece and the lower powers

of the plane of concepts and characters of the bricks and book of what i read and love
before his eyes go blank
how will he see
your face love?

with his fingers tapering your nose

and the rest of you

dadada dallying like a song  



ah read ahead


     i ran ahead to be  with my friends

                                                      in heaven

                                                                           he said  ,

  it was something    like that  a murmuring of the voices  over the radio ,

  muffled ,  a murmuring inthe voices over the wind,

 a s     i turned the cold

   it was blasted  ,

                      cold wind, and dying

  but  ,


it w as okay

   i knew there was something else,

           believing   i believed ,