..... , yes, but ...


  performance  ....?  yes but behind a mask

  a scree(n)     a  partition     same as  ...

   recording yes, but in recording .. in  a studio.. where live is has another significance ....   whence this
               blog's origins, at least, in one

sense , now 12 years  .....

  ___ the obligations of  'live ' performance don't suit nor did they suit a  sensibility i wanted to

get across

                when i did it was good and fun and the tempation's always there, the energy etcetera...but there are greater performances than so called live ones...

  in fact,  at the start of Nietzsche's Daughter the first poetry ensemble (assemblage) I created

  I wasn't in the performance at  it was done by someone else   === the Muse herself = = persona   ~.

i directed it but or arranged  the parts

butdidn't perform

well told
it said

well said 

it told