Re: notes


                                                      rhymes with coats/ an boat/ and  it rhymes with a thing called ---  ah

the repressed visible,

                                the 1  an two


at this way you are become  too__many ___

a sore back is worse than a sore head a broken heart a wicked knee
calvary's cross
she broke my heart
  more than once

   and you wonder what i do
       it's all over the bleeding heart
  the floss over the vocal chord a moutain made of literally blue

Re: notes

__________________ Dear Mister D. please remove your baddy bad poetries .  they are causing.

a  stink   . i              n                      the                    E  e world of quantum   .

            i  am  a quantum                                 and you sir are not me

                                         are not a professor paid to fly here        an there

giving the con                      on something or other


She's been Jill, Mona and section 38 breezing into 39 and 40    ,   listen    no one puts books

                        on my poem s,

if the others interferno

 what about your poems? whose are they anyhow Mister Duffy?
 are they like my ass which you claimed to love

  and heart was broken before it hanging left  a dirty trench
    what helpless sor rows before this  .

You turn to fictions making each result love, a comedy of bearers! and bearer-bonds a comedy of errors as that crooked Ws wrote.

  Jill's standing on her head the thespian free of the 'goofed out'  shod sandal of her and mine own fire.