... do not speak to me of the wisdom of philosophers ... esp. as it pertains to poets... their mad delirium no

worse or errant than philos and their crazy labyrinths of thinking and the tendencie to goovern the world one way

 or the  worried way  other

  do not speak to me of the wisdom

But along the strata at the broken plates,/(the left-over-pake) speak of caution as this madness flows in and over you've who dedicated yrself to

    the word spoken/written from the mouth of volume  ..
  ah to say

  you're a poet nothing harder

to say in a  world a  world of essence and appearance and power and those

  who stabbed poetr y in the back turning to distraction gaining their secondary audience their false format

and her rat dangled cursed fur

 by the dock and bay the squirty thing of her cunny the well sprung dig of anal lodgings i refused

O poets there's a rule maker at every door
   telling you this an this from the mazy labyrinth of constitution dragging your ass

but I who am you speak from the misty days of the dead

 saying what's the body's answer to the land of t he  dead and the living and the head?

  but the toilet where the crust of being is shunted down a shit hole
imitation like a spoke word crapped up in its own thing

not that motor mouth whose catholic gangster's hypocrisy's done no one any good

do it this way! do it that !

push each syllable twogether like two prosorted  prosittude bodies two crushed fuckparters not  lovers

 not like lovers in their tenderness wooing


  poets never make mistakes
                                                  when writing  

 theres no chance wing in this business   .



Re: notes


                                                      rhymes with coats/ an boat/ and  it rhymes with a thing called ---  ah

the repressed visible,

                                the 1  an two


at this way you are become  too__many ___

a sore back is worse than a sore head a broken heart a wicked knee
calvary's cross
she broke my heart
  more than once

   and you wonder what i do
       it's all over the bleeding heart
  the floss over the vocal chord a moutain made of literally blue

Re: notes

__________________ Dear Mister D. please remove your baddy bad poetries .  they are causing.

a  stink   . i              n                      the                    E  e world of quantum   .

            i  am  a quantum                                 and you sir are not me

                                         are not a professor paid to fly here        an there

giving the con                      on something or other


She's been Jill, Mona and section 38 breezing into 39 and 40    ,   listen    no one puts books

                        on my poem s,

if the others interferno

 what about your poems? whose are they anyhow Mister Duffy?
 are they like my ass which you claimed to love

  and heart was broken before it hanging left  a dirty trench
    what helpless sor rows before this  .

You turn to fictions making each result love, a comedy of bearers! and bearer-bonds a comedy of errors as that crooked Ws wrote.

  Jill's standing on her head the thespian free of the 'goofed out'  shod sandal of her and mine own fire.




_______________ notes/phrases etc.

  bitch  we're bender naked        `


 lines for a song  'I know without your love I'm a humpty dumpty' repeat twice / chorus etc.


re: re.. six .. and sections


 so are blizzards a metaphor?

  storms,tornadoes, tomatoes! hahahaha, but really a hurricane? a broken shop with lovely things,
     rare objets, and
                                marvelous love objects,
                  love's subject 
                                                    subjected to love's  call,

Re: re.. six ..


 So 37th section of book no. 1 is done while working ,

                        with my right arm   on  the other which is written ,

                                    whittling , or touching  parts here and there, 

a  word

           here and there,


 repatterned  ,

                                                      everything   a comma   



. .. blizzard


   a late march blizzard is like  a head-storm

 love is like a dog,


           with  a bird,

      a  tearing down,

  and building up ,




re.. six ..


Re: ... six ..

what does mean? I mean what does it refer to ?

C.D. ..  it's a long story   ... better told another day

                     it's ef,

                                                             it's painful ,





.. Ars(e) Poetica ...



a good chunk of


  a  good chunk of thirty-seven wrote itself last  night. even though i was exhausted and 'out of mind'

 of mind with exhaustion and grief ,  self-doubt   .

  but it wrote itself 


... six ..



                                            six months   since     ~


 things went off the rails 






prosing the existential territories our names were sudden dust the first time you heard Denise was the night quirk, odd rose, stolen champagne glasses, and other mistakes were the narrow bend of her mind, y-our heart was glued to the forest, and a trenchant nowhere was where you found, that was what you found on the punk ballet existential pretense of your substantial tense smile, and the horse back rides, and I recall the collected recollected anxieties of your self, and the non- reading you had done, and meeting Mister D., was not the path she chose. Turned the page, nowhere to go, the street homeless like a dog. As prosed our verse in the converse of the perverse O sons of loyal days and rights and Maria with her stockings and earring the girl's ass shows always a hole of Sodom but before this wisdom a golden bowl as when Mister Blake seize the river. not spelled by any rivulet but a champion of god, speaking his name, shouting his hurrah, not walking away from abandonment

we'll come back to this more |||every burrow's a cut slacked off the rage its unspent wheel a darning fog to deliver night

JUly 14 --2007 ________________ 4pm


_________________36___________moving to 37


  36_________________moving to 37





  working on 34 and 35 at the same time/ it's picking up /changing
    shape / different subject/s motif/s appearing
connecting to other parts
of work
and blogs



dr 'aft ______________ draught


  50 of'em in various sorted assorts

 and that word as if to suggest a something before the after the dr _____and  AFT___after____

   & the other one  (which rhymes beautifully with  aughter as in laughter an daughter)

           what etymologies of beauty      ~

                                          that steal my breath away


                                            33 done onto 34  ~ 34 ? the age of reason?


' .. deleuze '


deleuze's best student  ~

~ some just stay with you
    ~ clusters of desire & lust
   the chinese woman on that block
two years ago
                     ~ now  ~
 ever wispy
    ever forgotten  ~ 

    ever forgotten  ~

ghost of a ..


  ghost of an old   .. 'song'   got into my machine for about 5 hours? O those old ghosts....

                                    (what did that old ghost want?)

                                better than that
                                                                        better a treble-clef than fifth


                                                                (pretences are worse than hollowness)

onto 34th section and 'steaming'  booming along  getting bigger and better 
                                        and the water's almost thawed as the ship grows bulkier    





Caves on the Greek islands .... bog in    Ireland icecaps in Norway 

none'll know the actual tale of wing and flat the winning way and mighty night



..... , yes, but ...


  performance  ....?  yes but behind a mask

  a scree(n)     a  partition     same as  ...

   recording yes, but in recording .. in  a studio.. where live is has another significance ....   whence this
               blog's origins, at least, in one

sense , now 12 years  .....

  ___ the obligations of  'live ' performance don't suit nor did they suit a  sensibility i wanted to

get across

                when i did it was good and fun and the tempation's always there, the energy etcetera...but there are greater performances than so called live ones...

  in fact,  at the start of Nietzsche's Daughter the first poetry ensemble (assemblage) I created

  I wasn't in the performance at  it was done by someone else   === the Muse herself = = persona   ~.

i directed it but or arranged  the parts

butdidn't perform

well told
it said

well said 

it told