C.P. (tape recorder on) ... there are times you remove a posting and I was wondering how that works? if there, I mean it's obvious if you're not really happy about something you're going to return itto draft status ...

C.D.  (a smile and giggle)  ..say no more .. say no more... but  of course yes that's exactly how
i think about it  it's a work in progress at least as long i'm alive and kicking and have brains and breath left... 

like bold to brass isn't and there are , say there are times, i might have written what i thought was a  love poem or something like along those lines 
w hen really it was not that, but an exercise and if i become aware of it i put it back in the shop, or on the floor and see what happens if i mix it up with other things right... it's not a book yet ...

C.P.  yes that makes sense  it does .. however you do say on one of your blog profiles that 'blog is publication'  and so how does notion fit into what you are saying here...? right now just now  .

C.D.  that's a good question and you know there are several ways to answer it  but for now, and I mean I do want to get back to it but for now, I'd say it's ambivalent enough and two sided enough that there's going to several possibilities ...

CP gets up lights a cigar & turns off the tape recorder . C.D. says good night, and off they go their own rooms down at opposite sides of the house  . they share .   and do not share. 


More unwritten text

and it is all fiction  all fiction  story telling tale of story and written  & unwritten

when does the I become the you, not the confusing you of your self wanting things and bodies and kisses bu t the other you who write s    ?