27 sections now written___ 18th section revised__onward to go.

did some tinkering with the first line and tried out  a few small but would be significant changes  in
  the opening tone.

I've been printing the sections as I go along, testing them , then changing or adding or  whatever doesn't seem to work gets changed. Does it work one or the other , and which one seems best is the one to go with.

My judgements at this time are mostly based on the sound of it, how the poem sound. Contrary to some or perhaps popular opinion

  the sound fills in the visual element of  the poem. Call the visual aspect the content.

 the sound is the form  (the horn ) of the visual which is the content i.e. the baggage carried by the freight.

i.e. the Horns blaring announce the contents  (the baggage) of the train, the train is the poem.