. .reader


   reader ...

               what is a reader a friend or foe, an enemy or would be lover?


 there are more poems in books than in these leaves

    electronic as they may be they have their place

                       in the server somewhere a server of word and image of iambic and flesh of word and  deed

   a server's a servant of the human being

                              reader  with books one more often than not infrequently knows

                                rolling reader rolling in her clothes rolling
                                                                           in her bed    rolling
                              naked in the sun                         on some city bound beach
                                                                     where everything is fun
 a reader handing your book hand held out as she takes yours or holds your other hand
    as   if  she were a cop

                      arresting you for looking so good

                                                        'arresting' for being love's prisoner        ~  .