.. died ..


  My friend Ron, my hockey friend and a friend  in other ways too, died January 27.  I spoke to

  him twice on the 23rd and once on the 24th.

                   I'm not sure what else to say right now   ~ except life's short brutal and brief
                                                                                 other times it's long splendid and
                                                                                         less made of grief

  hahahah. that rhymes.   anyhow, it's sad or not sad as sad's not the word that really says what it's left me with or done.
                                     i mean it's obvious a friend is  gone

                                                                               he was older than I and had had
                 this an that  operations here an there

                                                                              but he was a great man

             a good friend heart-felt

                              I'll miss  him  and not even notice  (realize it)

          before it's happening`

    &            he'll be missed by many