Re: there's nothing calm about real creation


Re: there's nothing calm about real creation

 but there's also scissors and paper, the glue of collage, the messy fun , the fun 

      theres' the sort of Fun side of it

  yes yes  

CP/  think of that whole lineage going back to Arp and Hoch and thousands of lesser  known artists but no less worthy, the montage collage the breaks and pieces and so  so  you knew about that.

C.D.   Absolutely!

C.P.  it's like the tape work you've done!
   C.D.   Yes yeah! I know about it, hundreds of hours of it!

C.P.  you tried doing it digitally for a couple of years on this blog and others...  but you've left that pretty much... 

C.D.  yes C that's true .

it's true

it's true


the air is blue

as the moon rips open a cloud

tinkles a sound over the air