literature as a health


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this is not about stravinsky its about shift and switch. id never listened or read these pple. before, and as I listened to this podcast at rabble ca

i ask myself daniel, whether its thei r voice, the actual physical voice, voices of this generation which is weak; not that they are not intelligent,but they seem to have no actualy presence in their vocies, and so their poems as such are weak; its as if these are people who have never yoweled, or yelled, or hollered, you know what I mean... i find it strange on the other hand the spoken word, folks,are often like that as well,. even the more interesting speakers, or voices, as one might say, are them that have voices,that have never yelled. its th e inbition machine, its not much that they are bad poets, whatever that is, that they, and us, me and you, the whole machine is ill, sick, feeble, weakened,run down, busted, broke, that no judgment left can give us no judgement, ; i mean one asks where is a machine ? that speaks with the heavy husk of reality,is that it?
im not sure ... ill continue this on one of my blogs recalltopoetryas now Ive provoked myself into thought if nothing else, oh and by the way, if anything t he problem then, daniel is that we need to think and not respond with heavy handed hasty snap decisions as of those of quick temper llike myself and you are prone, to , but more to ask oneself where does this begin and end, and what does it mean, what is it when we say something is a good or bad so called poem or work of art object,... you dig?
O i do gotta say one thinng abt stravinsky hes my man, but he too bought into the i had a bad childhoodbullshit but no matter his music was stronger than his ideas.. yes, that might be the clue, we need to discuss literature as a health... so yea, i'd like to think we discuss poetry as a health, and examine unexamined ideas, behind the idea of what's good and bad, and in this way, heal some of the rifts of what has become the big rip in poesy as in the rest of our civil body...

cheers good friend...
we need to Think Think Think
and that of course, goes for me too.
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 wrote that in 2008 in response to a podcast dated 2006