... and what do ... ...


  ... and what do you do  ... you know,  how do you?   

                     ... and I answered and I gotta admit I was smiling...

   Oh   I'm just a literary bum    ..   ...        And  I was laughing then it's pretty  


I do this                                        that                            


                  an     the            other so it all works to keep  body and soul in one piece

                                                            for now till it's time to go the other place  
            where  I can only guess they

                                           do other                       thing s  it was one of those conversations in my head

  really that I had
                                  no one  was there but I  thought it was funny it was as if I'd be prepared


for any such a tell-tale conversation  were  it to happen to me again  one of these days

reminded me of something i'd read by this other guy who'd said before  he kicked the bucket

         that he'd been better off scrounging, begging and stealing instead of wasting it teaching... etcetera.  
maybe he was right 
                               everyone has to find out    /sooner or /later where they go

                   so bacon falls from the sky at their feet /
                        and they don't feel too guilty taking it